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Global Live Speakers Summit Exclusive:

You will enjoy and can participate in our exclusive monthly Global Live Speakers Summit and other events as well. Make connections and find your inner voice, including a special conversation with some of the most brilliant TED speakers.

Actual Cost: $199.00

GST Community:

Join the global community of our expertise, coaches, goal-oriented people, and speakers. You will learn here the hidden Technics to find your voice, craft your story and become a never-seen orator.

Inside,you’ll learn how to find the hidden opportunities in everything that happens in your life from the global coaches and experts.

In addition, you will learn the exact formula high-achievers use to take fearless action and reach their goals.

Global Live Speakers Community will give you the tools you need to clearly define your goals and plan the realization step by step.

In striving to become better and better communicators and exploring your public speaking skills, being a part of this increasing global platforms requires your membership. And lifetime access to a community where you will be promoted among st the right clients.

Actual Cost: $450.00

GST Podcast:

The podcast with community members to building you why what, and how regarding your goals, coaching/ speaking business.

Actual Cost: $99.00

GST Blog:

Full of learning, wisdom and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox weekly that will constantly help you build your confidence and motivation for your goals from international skilled expertise and successful entrepreneurs.

Actual Cost: $99.00

GST Exclusive Webinar :

60 days authoritative access to the replay of the GST conferences, training and webinar.

Actual Cost: $199.00

GST Exclusive Training:

You are allowed to attend training about self-development, building confidence, relationship, networking, public/live speaking, personal branding and coaching business from our expertise.

Actual Cost: $200.00

Total Cost of the membership with all benefits:
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