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Global Speakers Talk is an international community that organizes online events.

We educate and transform people’s lives globally through our expert’s ideas, teaching, story and messages.

We are a start-up company caring for your unique voice. We want your voice to reach the highest peaks around the planet.

Speakers deliver their messages in our private community group.

GST is about developing your personal power, skills, and owning your knowledge.

Level yourself up day by day through our global speakers community, coaches, experts, and trainers.

Anshu Tiwary


Anshu Tiwary is a wife, mom of 1, founder of Global Speakers Talk, international author, personal growth trainer, global speaker, explorer, and traveler.

She has a PGDM in Marketing/HR and more than 8 years of corporate experience. Presently, she is serving as a personal growth trainer and global speaker. Anshu is empowering people through her skills and the Global Speakers Talk organisation.

She enjoys seeing the success of her clients and serving others, bringing value to so many. She believes in encouraging people to be involved and present within a community.

Her personal mission is to help 1,000 global live speakers star on the Global Speakers Talk’s virtual stage during 2023.

She is committed to helping people discover their mission and purpose in life so that they may experience ultimate happiness.

Anshu loves traveling, exploring new things, and visiting mountain spots. She has traveled to 27 mountain spots and 10 states in India and to the international country of Nepal. However, her dream is to reach the Himalayas and travel to every beautiful country in the world.

Andreea Claudia

Chief Executive Officer

Andreea Ghimpeteanu is a curious and wonderous soul with a Masters Degree in management. She helps individuals to find their way back to the love of nature, and back to their roots. 

She is a soul connector, showing people the power that they have within them when they connect with outside and go inside Nature. Andreea loves to serve by helping, and lifting any individuals who cross her path. 

Her mission in life is to bring happiness and joy to anyone she encounters. She strives to be of service and to lift and inspire people by showing them the value they possess.

She enjoys pouring her soul into her writing, and into her public speaking journey.

She is a light soul who wants to inspire and encourage you to own your ‘Voice’ and your ‘Story’!

She will virtually take you by the hands and walk with you on your journey of spreading your message far and wide!

Josephine S. Kalagira

Host: Global Live Speaker’s Summit

“Josephine S. Kalagira, is a mum, best-selling author, global speaker, charity fundraiser, mindset and wellbeing mentor and founder of ‘Josephine Sandra Coaching’. She has a Free Facebook Community called ‘Thrive and Shine Through Your Setbacks’ which promotes the need for a healthy mindset, and emotional wellbeing support.

Josephine lives in the UK with her son. She has written a number of books, one of which is about her own revolutionary breakthrough titled ‘How to turn your setback into a purposeful comeback’. All of her books are available on Amazon.

Her real life experiences, learning and lessons inspired her to actively work through her challenges. She stopped playing small and decided to find a way to overcome her fears in order to become the best version of herself.

Her strong drive led her to feel called to share what had made a difference in her life, as many reached out asking how she turned her life around despite her adversities.

She is now determined to inspire, empower and support ambitious visionary female coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and consultants around the globe. She empowers them to actively work through the stories that have been keeping them stuck, playing small and in fear. Her clients unlock and unleash their sunshine from the inside out. She supports them to show up in their life and business feeling super excited, inspired, empowered, and confident. 

Josephine invites you to become you who are destined to be on this planet earth, never giving up and not letting whatever you are going through to define you, your life, business or future.

Lisa Marie Igbinovia

Host: Global Live Speaker’s Podcast ‘Be Fearless’

Lisa Marie Igbinovia is a number one best-selling children’s book illustrator, global speaker, Primary and Early Years teacher, Artist, Graphic Designer, an entrepreneur, and a Life and Parent Coach and Mentor.

She founded Xquizit Learners in 2019, to empower parents to support and enrich their child’s school learning at home with fun interactive play based activities and games, in order to encourage family bonds and a love of learning to last a lifetime.

Lisa has a free Facebook community called: ‘Teach your child at home 3 to 8 year olds’ which is a place for parents to meet other like-minded parents with the same goal, share ideas, experiences and enrich their child’s learning journey back at school.

Born in Wales and now living in London with her husband and son, Lisa has enjoyed lots of travelling, living abroad and teaching in classrooms in the United States, Dubai and China as well as in UK .

Lisa illustrates a children’s book series aimed at 5-11 year old early advanced or reluctant readers. These books are a perfect bridging book for children transitioning from reading picture books to reading chapter story books. Lisa’s books are available on Amazon and she also runs an Etsy shop called ‘Xquizit with heART’ for her art and design work.

Lisa wants to encourage every person to share their knowledge with the world. To use their voice to gift others with what they know or have learnt. She believes that everyone has something they can say to benefit someone, somewhere, and it is our duty and an honour to not keep it for ourselves.

Our Team

When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward.

Anshu Tiwary


Andreea Claudia

Chief Executive Officer

Josephine S Kalagira

Host: Global Live Speaker Summit

Lisa Marie

Host: Global Speakers Talk Podcast

Our Mission

We shine onto the world your own voice, while we inspire and grow you with our events:

Teaching you that your story and wisdom has value, through our private community!
Sharing your message and voice across the globe through our different events!
Taking you by the hand and helping your voice reach further and higher!

Our Vision

To inspire, and raise billions of voices onto global stages, and unleash their full potential. 

Why DO We Do What We Do?

Global Speakers Talk’s core belief is that every voice is a story to be told, to come into the light, grow and impact the world.

We are a caring and loving family from all over the world, and we are determined to instil the belief that your voice needs to be heard and has the potential power to change many lives. Everyone’s energy is able to impact or to inspire someone that you have never met or don’t yet know! 
That is powerful!

We help you connect with others your message, inner voice, and story.